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Tom Boshinski


"If you have to ask what jazz is, you'll never know."
-- Louis Armstrong

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Tom Boshinski

Tom Boshinski, baritone sax, is a former patent and corporate lawyer happily spending his retirement hours making music.


Growing up in Dayton, Ohio, Tom was sent for clarinet lessons by his dad starting at age 9. A reluctant student at first, his discovery of the social world of high school band also spiked his interest in learning the instrument. At the same time, he started working on saxophone in a vain attempt to look cool.


As an undergrad science major, Tom managed to spend far more time hanging around practice rooms than he ever did a science lab, playing in symphonic and jazz bands and signing up for music theory and sight-singing classes. Moving on to law school, he found time to keep playing, including a summer spent as a performer at a nearby theme park.


Since then, despite having to practice law along the way, Tom has managed to play with a variety of bands and ensembles at career stops in Ohio, Virginia, and Georgia.


In addition to the ASO and other local groups, Tom performs in musical theater pit orchestras on saxes, flute, and clarinet. He also serves his church community as an instrumental soloist and as director and arranger for its instrument ensemble.


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